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Lafayette 148 Girl Rising Conference

We're so glad we were able to attend this wonderful interactive evening, hosted by GirlRising and Lafayette 148 New York!

The speakers included:

Christina Lowery

Amy Sherald

Meena Harris

Julissa Acre

Maria Brito

Peggy Whitson

Ishy Sesay

Anne Pasternak

Siqi Mou

What an amazing group of strong "unordinary ordinary" women!

Throughout the conference, the importance of prioritizing women's rights and health during the pandemic was stressed.

"We're focused on helping on local partners respond to the needs of their local communities," Christina Lowery explained, "...we are working to share the stories of girls during this time. We have a few storytelling initiatives that we hope to share within the coming weeks." She added, "There is great risk for girls. To ensure that we have the next generation of unordinary women... we need to prioritize the needs of girls."

The conference featured an absolutely beautiful performance of "Rise Up", sung by Jayna Elise - a display of strength despite hard times.

The conference focused on how to cope during these unordinary times, and contained a great central message - these unordinary times are the prime time for unordinary women.