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NPO Core Webinar

NPO Core, a product of Launch Tech LLC, launched this incredible webinar!

It was led by four teens who have found massive success with their non-profit organizations.

Here is what we were able to take away from the presentation:

Invest Time - and so does growing it. Invest time into your organization to ensure that it's heading in the right direction. At the same time, you should be wanting to invest time - this is YOUR organization! Be proud of it!

📶 Analyze Your Audience - knowing who your social media audience is (both through social media and in-person) is extremely important in gauging what kind of materials, programs, and opportunities will seem most appealing to them.

🙌 Teamwork - even as a leader in a nonprofit, it is important to treat your team members as teammates, not subordinates. Creating a welcoming atmosphere will encourage them to share their ideas, which will better the organization!

Create Opportunities - Cold Emailing goes a long way! Use LinkedIn and Hunter.io to find people who can help you. Reaching out for partnerships or sponsporships is a great way to kickstart your progress!

Thank you NPO Core and Launch Tech LLC for this awesome opportunity! ✈